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Black Sun Recording Entertainment Management is a quasi scammer business that operates out of Philadelphia PA. (I listed the address below) It is run by a very incompetent man named Yasheen Vickers who calls himself Black sun.

My personal experience with this person/ business goes as follows: I had a viral video online. They contacted me. Yasheen sounds like an intelligent business man with a good plan when you speak to him and promises big things. I paid him 1000$ usd for a press release that he claimed would be posted by the 200 largest news sites in the world. The press release turned out to be useless and the article about me seemed to only exist in a location where absolutely nobody would see it. I also paid him for a distribution deal that was supposed to get my music video on MTV, BET, Tidal, Vevo and numerous other places. He claimed the video would be posted on a youtube channel with a huge number of subscribers ((900,000+) None of those things ever actually happened besides that he posted to Tidal and made a fake Vevo account of me AFTER I already asked for a refund.

For months Yasheen Vickers claimed that he was working on a big deal for my video, claiming that he was talking to the management of sites like World Star and various other places. It soon became apparent that he had no plan, no connections, couldn't do what he said he would do, and then he got shady about my refund after I asked for it. He kept claiming he would send the money back but never got around to it and eventually blocked me on all social media accounts after releasing my music onto a fake Vevo page and Tidal page of me after I told him not to.

I was also disappointed in the fact that he said he would get custom artwork made for my project but decided to steal someone else's art from google for it instead. Black Sun is in no way a legitimate music company and they can't do anything to help boost your career. Dealing with a man like Yasheen Vickers (Black Sun) will only harm it.

Here is a link to their website. Look at how low budget it is.…

Here is a very misleading explanation of their company that contains a few lies and should qualify as false advertisement (There is no way they work with thousands of artists or record labels worldwide) :

Philly Mixtape was launched in early 2009 by Yasheen Vickers, a music promoter from Newark, New Jersey. The company was launched with the intention of providing new and established artist digital distribution to partners such as iTunes, Beat port, Spotify, Rhapsody, Amazon and more.
Today, the company distributes music digitally to over 300 retail and streaming platforms, for thousands of record labels and artists worldwide. We continue to develop new technologies in the form of in-house systems and have expanded our offerings to include mastering, marketing, licensing, publishing administration, web & graphic services, label/artist development and more.

Philly Mixtape’s team of passionate individuals pride themselves on quick responses and direct one-on-one conversations and advising with clients, from the basics of managing a social network to mastering and brand development to fine-tuning a marketing plan. Our goal is to become the one stop shop for the music industry.

Here is their address and contact info as of today:
Black Sun Recording/Entertainment Management
1735 Market St
Philadelphia, PA 19103

Contact Information
Black Sun Recording/Entertainment Management
Phone: (267) 603-1078

And here is the scammer Yasheen Vickers:

Yasheen Vickers Scammer who operates Black Sun by EKKnight
Yasheen Vickers is a scammer who operates a music distribution company called Black Sun (also known as philly mixtape) that is located in Philadelphia PA. He has no legitimate music connections, is horrible at marketing, gets you to pay for useless deals and does not uphold his end of them, and he also literally will destroy your career. He says his services are refundable but if you ask for a refund he will block you on all social media accounts and won't accept your calls. I'm guessing that it is because he is actually broke and makes a business off of getting music artists to pay for his useless distribution deals.

Also, Yasheen's Instagram page is called phillymixtape. Study it carefully and you wills see that he uses a bot program to rapidly follow/ unfollow people in order to gain followers. Truthfully, nobody is interested in naturally following his page.

Update: Looks like he also has another location that he scams out of in New Jersey black-sun-recording-entertainm…

8 Medford Lane
NJ 08046-3121
Phone: (609) 479-3364

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